Fashion Concierge By Gracyfy

How It Works

#1. Your Style & Stylist

Fashion concierge gracyfy Quiz

Just one quick style quiz and we will get working for you! Our concierge specialists are available for 1:1 consultation on chat throughout your engagement with Gracyfy.

#2. Receive Your Look-Book

Your stylist will work for you, shop deals and styles across brands and the entire Internet. You will receive your style picks in one easy virtual look-book.  Clothes and accessories that fit your style, body & budget.

#3. Buy if you like.

Fashion concierge online

You purchase what you want right from your look-book. You stylist can also work-in one style revision based on your 1:1 chat. Items ship from brands & retailers directly. You are in-charge! No surprises.

Our open styling platform encourages talented and motivated fashion experts to showcase their skills as off-the-self sets listed in our LookBook Gallery. With Gracyfy’s performance based criteria we only assign top rated freelance stylists to work with you. You have the option to explicitly request a stylist too!

Real Person Support

Stylists will shop looks based on your preferences and message you the virtual look-books. Need to chat? Simply message her 1:1 anytime during the session.

Directly From Brands

Our stylists can shop retail sites across the internet. They are not constrained by brands and products stocked in-house.

Buying Transparently

Buy what you like.  You can have Gracyfy’s concierge process the orders for you Or you can buy items yourself directly from the retailers.


Fashion Concierge gracyfy

You love your style and enjoy shopping for yourself, but then even the most modish need some assistance every now and then.

Virtual look-book on-demand.

Busy Gal

When life gets busy, we are here to help you stay-up on your fashion and lifestyle needs.. so you can rock your world with confidence.

Virtual look-books every month.


Fashion concierge Gracyfy

You are the Fashionista who reviews her life and style to be on-top of life’s runway.. allow us to help you, as you define your seasonal collections.

Virtual look-books every 3 months.

Buy items you like.

You don’t pay for any items unless you checkout and order from the look-books on Gracyfy. Alternately, you have the option to take complete control of the ordering process and directly buy from the retailers! Either way, No markups over net retail prices. Our stylist pass over to you all deals and sale prices.

No 'If - Then'

Salon style gratuity applied.  Flat $10 session tip.

Net Free Styling

$20 styling fee, applied back if you make a purchase of $20 or more.

Latest Styles Across Brands

We can shop multiple brands & deals across the internet, not just in-house box stocks

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