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Wed, May, 23, 2018

Setup Your Styling Business In Minutes!

Platform setup with templates and tools for bloggers to start creating beautiful look-books.

Use your ‘username’ as referral code and start styling clients over interactive Chat , SMS and Phone.

Blogger Program

Blogger is an open access entry-level program. Individuals interested in qualifying as Concierge Stylists are required to register and start as a blogger.


Affiliate CPC commissions – 100%

Affiliate CPA commissions – 80%

Platform fee – $4.99/month, after first 3 months.


Stylist Program

Requests for personalized look-books and ongoing consulting are routed to bloggers who request level upgrade and qualify to become Stylists.


Styling Fees – 80%

Affiliate CPC commissions – 100%

Affiliate CPA commissions – 80%

Platform fee –  $2.99/month

Join ’s Fashion Concierge

If shopping is your passion. If you have an eye for fashion. If you feel a sense of achievement each time you help someone snag that awesome deal or look like a million bucks. If you seek a flexible schedule and would like to earn some extra $$ on tips and affiliate commissions while doing what you love, i.e. fashion blogging and styling clients, then apply here to join us on our journey of ‘ with Purpose’.

Interested In Becoming A Gracyfy Stylist?

Work Showcase URLs

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Enter Password
Note, you will need to clear back-ground checks before we can start contracting clients to you for shopping assistance.. You will NOT become an employee of Gracyfy (Ariana Digital LLC) and do not qualify for employee benefits or compensation. We may requests and setup short interviews with short-listed candidates to go over the earnings model and concierge operations training.

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I really can’t wait to get started. I just have to figure this whole process of creating lookbooks,figuring out how to use different merchants your affiliated with etc.

    We are excited for your to join our concierge program. We messaged you link to get started. Once you have looked at it, feel free to setup an appointment with the concierge admin for any additional questions.

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