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Wed, May, 23, 2018
gracyfy for fashion experts
Jump-start your styling business with this free turn-key styling platform. Publish to ’s Gallery, a selling space for pre-styled sets.


Gracyfy technology for Lookbooks curated from 100s of top brands.

Native #TapToShop social selling on influencer’s own pages. No app, no website required

Plus, auto posts to Gracyfy’s Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Freelance Stylist

Compete with subscription boxes;

Your Gracyfy username is your Styling business!

Styling requests with your username are auto-assigned to you.

Freelance Stylists Program

Payouts Are Calculated On Clicks and Purchases Of Your Authored Products & LookBooks

Commission Potential Across Gracyfy’s LookBook Gallery, Plus Influencer’s Personal Blogs, Google, Social


Earn CPC/CPA commissions :  Social sell-based earnings.


Earn personal styling fees. Increase sell commissions.

Experience in personal styling, fashion merchandising and/or design, preferred.


If approved, we will assign affiliate commission keys.

Attend overview webcast. Invites will be sent.

Interested In Becoming A Gracyfy Stylist?
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To subscribe to the Gracyfy platform, you MUST BE 18+ YEARS OLD. Gracyfy concierge program subscribers are Freelancers and not Gracyfy contractors or employees

WHAT IS REQUIRED OF Concierge Program Subscribers:

Work Ethics: You will provide thoughtful, high-quality responses to styling, shopping and general fashion questions from our diverse and growing userbase. Demonstrates strong written/oral communication skills and attention to detail.  Is adaptable and excited to work on a fast-paced, evolving business. Has a positive attitude and looks forward to collaborating with other remote stylists.

Technology: Is computer-savvy and generally comfortable with technology, and has access to a reliable laptop and strong internet connection. You will set up all required tools on your laptop with the guidance of the Gracyfy team. You will do all of your styling within the Gracyfy Platform from your desktop or laptop device.

Operational Activities: You will review all on-boarding materials and resources once selected to join the Gracyfy team. You will set your own schedule and you will no more than 35 hours/week. You will keep up to date on developments with the product and share questions, feedback and with the other stylists and the Gracyfy team.

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Comments (2)

I really can’t wait to get started. I just have to figure this whole process of creating lookbooks,figuring out how to use different merchants your affiliated with etc.

    We are excited for your to join our concierge program. We messaged you link to get started. Once you have looked at it, feel free to setup an appointment with the concierge admin for any additional questions.

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