Fashion Concierge FAQs – Latest Update 4/14/18

Complete our style quiz – Clients need to complete the style quiz to enable our stylists to create personalized looks. We absolutely use that as reference for find the best fits and deals. Clients are requested to keep their quiz entries up-to-date using their “My Quiz History” Option

Chat 1:1 with your shopper – Once a client has completed her quiz and scheduled consulting time, we assign her a stylist. The stylist will contact the client over secured messenger for their 1:1 consultation. Secured chat is accessible via your secured profile.

Your shopper shops styles for you – Our stylists will shop styles for you based on your inputs. Feel free to stay in touch with your stylist over chat throughout your engagement with Gracyfy, making sure you do not share any personally identifiable information or inappropriate information or requests. We only share your username and styling info anonymously with all stylists for your personal comfort and security. (Stylists and Bloggers on Gracyfy not get to see your email, phone, billing or address information)

Receive your virtual Lookbook – You will receive a message via chat/email with direct links to your look-books from your stylist. You will also see your look-books appear for anytime reference in the ‘My Lookbooks’ tab of your profile.

Buy only what you love – Once you receive your look-books, you have 3 days to review the looks and buy them. You can buy any or all items listed in the look.

The Gracyfy concierge offers three different session frequencies to enroll for:

On Demand – Event Styling: With this option, you will receive one virtual look-book per one-off session you enroll for.

Busy Gal  – Monthly Enrollment: With this option, you will receive one virtual look-book every month (i.e. 30 days)

Fashionista – Seasonal Enrollment: With this option, you will receive two virtual look-book every three months (i.e. 90 days)

$20 Refunded with purchase of same or more

With this payment plan, clients will be charged $20 upfront per session. This is required so we can assign stylists more effectively.

This plan is similar to most subscription box services. The client can choose to buy all or none of the items from their virtual look-books, however they automatically receive their initial payment of $20 refunded if they purchase items from the look-book worth $20 or more.

Our stylists and algorithms work together to shortlist items from a vast list of styles in our database and across the internet. Items used by the recommendation engine are a combination of  those hosted and sold on as well as those hosted and sold by popular brands/co-brands that we are an approved affiliate of. We are currently affiliates with 100+ online brands including Target, Macy’s, Amazon, H&M, J.Crew, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, ASOS, Spring and the list is expanding fast.

See the complete list

Additionally, each customers’ look-books are re-reviewed by our stylists to pick the final ones to be emailed. This ensures personalized human touch and attention which is the core of our Fashion Concierge. Our stylists also makes themselves available on messenger/email for a true human conversation.

Typically we will create each edit with 5-7 items that form a complete look. An outfit, shoes, bags, accessories. We may also add lifestyle, beauty and health items where it enhances the collection and anticipated value of the add-ons for the customer.
We will send three personalized style edits in a virtual Look-book for each concierge request.

Items comprising the Looks you ordered may belong to different brands and will arrive separately.  Some items shipped from within the United States may arrive sooner than items being shipped internationally. Affiliate retailers standard shipping and handling policies apply.

Our stylist work with affiliate retailers with good shipping and returns policies. Since items shipped are directly from the retailer, their return policies will apply. Clients are responsible for the returns. Our concierge is always available to assist.
We do mention the returns policies by items retailers when we send you the the virtual look-books.

The prices listed on the look-book are the list prices from the retailers as of the creation of the look-book and are subject to change from retailers.

Our shoppers are often able to find you amazing deals and savings. We try and shop products into your edits to minimize shipping charges.

Shipping and taxes as charged by retailers are not included in the list price. The concierge is will pass through to you all discounts they find and we only charge the net retail prices with ‘No Markups’.

Due to retailer’s item churn, we suggest that you buy the items within 3 days of receiving the look-book to have best chances of availing the deals and items we have shopped for you. In case an item gets sold-out in the 3 day time frame, we will suggest a similar item.

Due to retailer’s item churn, we suggest that you buy the items within 3 days of receiving the look-book to have best chances of availing the deals and items we have shopped for you. In case an item gets sold-out in the 3 day time frame, we will suggest a similar item.

To make changes to your Gracyfy subscription, login to your Gracyfy account and send us your request via our admin contact us or admin chat options.

To delete your account go to your account administration page and use the delete account option as indicated in the screen shots below. All associated subscriptions are automatically terminated and no new payments will be charged going forward.


Logged-in users can find their referral link below. Copy and share this link with your friends and social contacts. If they sign-up and complete a styling session with us, you will receive $5 concierge purchase credit in email along with our Thank You note. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send along.

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