GracyfyPlug : Affiliate Social Selling

GracyfyPlug makes affiliate selling easier and integrates right into your own Instagram-Facebook profile.

You can tag hundreds of affiliate brands and thousands of products directly to your Instagram posts.

Expect better post engagement and improved commissions.

Surveys show that consumers are 50% more likely to take action if they have relevant links on the spot!

Try GracyfyPlug for easy tagging, higher conversion, extended reach, more control.

Instagram has product tagging, so how is this adding value?

GracyfyPlug is a seamless extension which will enhance your shoppable Instagram by powering it with the ability to tag thousands of products from hundreds of brands. You are not required to hold physical inventory or drop-ship websites.

Easy Tagging

Once you decide the merchandise or brand for your next post, use our one-click tool to make the affiliate products tag-ready in Instagram

Higher Conversion

Tag products to your photos for #taptoshop. You won’t have to send followers external. Our data shows over 50% higher sell conversion.

Extended Reach

 Facebook has 2 billion active users and Instagram has 1 billion active users. Since your affiliate products are not external, you can run cost-effective ads for extended reach.

More Control

Gracyfyplug is seamlessly linked to native features of FB-Instagram giving you full control of  your product catalog. Integrate with other 3rd party apps and websites, if you like.

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Service currently Free in beta. Accepting Fashion, Beauty and Decor Affiliations

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Optional Add-On Offerings

Virtual Styling

Leverage our staff and platform to create shoppable Lookbooks and offer personalized styling over SMS.

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