How To Track Performance And Earnings?

Wed, May, 23, 2018

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Rule#1  : More eyeballs and actions, more earnings!

Publish Lookbooks

Frequent, good-quality content.

Creative topics, titles & images/videos.

Check promotions calendar & newsletters.

Monitor Your Earnings

Plan using Merchant Commissions Explorer

Be sure to watch your clicks & sales ‘Dashboard’

Link your profiles and links to external sites/social.

Build your client base – your username as referral code for -quiz.

gracyfy viglink merchant explorer

Freelance Stylist to Stylist switch. 

Based on available spots, Gracyfy may reach-out to Freelance stylists with two test opportunities – sessions with real customers.

Once the switch is made, achieve and then maintain avg monthly 4+ rating to remain Stylist.

Login and use the messenger on your Gracyfy Profile to post additional questions and/or suggestions to our Concierge Admin anytime.

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