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Fashion Concierge by Gracyfy is personal shopping service with real person support. Concierge assistants work interactively with customers to shop personalized looks styled just for them. The stylists creating the look-books are savvy, enabled by technology. Customers can buy products they like and pay for what they buy. Items ship directly from brands. Products are not marked up over retail. Gracyfy delivers the value-add personal shopper service online, applying a platform as a service model. Founded by Yesh Kane Desai, Gracyfy is a privately funded early stage startup.

Gracyfy experience

January 2018, Gracyfy introduced its flagship ‘Fashion Concierge’, a personalized and holistic, look-based shopping experience. This escalates their business model from dropship to full-service ecommerce. Gracyfy’s Concierge provides an edge over blind subscription boxes by connecting shoppers with stylists for that humanized ‘let’s go shopping, girlfriend.’ experience.

The Internet has disrupted traditional retail. Last few years have seen an explosion of all top brands going big with their online presence. With shipping and returns becoming less of a detractor, exclusive online offers and deals seeing uplift, online shopping is a today’s choice.

However, many women now find it overwhelming to shop their perfect styles and right fits from the thousands of products hosted on hundreds of websites, in order to maintain a wardrobe that accentuates them and their lifestyle. The solution could be hiring a personal shopper or stylist, may not work for most budgets. Clothing subscription boxes try to address this, but most send selections to their customer’s as surprise products in boxes chosen through un-interactive programs. Also, recommendations may be constrained by in-house inventories. Many are not a good match for the customer and are returned.

Consumers absolutely enjoy the convenience of digital subscription experiences but are looking for conversational simplicity similar to what brick-n-mortar offers. Gracyfy’s Fashion Concierge steps in with a differentiated personalized service at an affordable price, made possible through blending technology and human accessibility. Their stylists are armed with a backend of cutting edge technologies to enable scanning thousands of products across hundreds of brands as they compile custom looks for each customer.

To enroll with Gracyfy’s Fashion Concierge users complete a short style quiz. The customer is then connected with her own concierge assistant enabling on-demand ongoing conversations throughout their engagement with Gracyfy. It is like chatting with a friend who will make every effort to understand you, without being judgmental, and will always make time to help. Gracyfy gets that life and people are always changing. The client and her assistant can stay lock-step on changing goals, style, body shape, and budget.

The stylist creates virtual look-books to share with the client. The client can purchase what she likes and the items ship directly from the retailers. Purchased item are never marked up over net retail charges. Gracyfy’s Fashion Concierge has a pricing model as hassle free and transparent as a pizza delivery service. Customers pay for the items they order and pay a service gratuity to the concierge assistants for their service.

Gracyfy, an angel funded startup is founded by Yesh Kane Desai, a digital veteran who has operationalized e-business programs ground-up for a Fortune 50 conglomerate and currently serves in an advisory position for Digital Channels – Research and Innovation for a major US bank.

“Women leading a busy lifestyle, particularly professional women and moms with young kids on regular budgets turn to Fashion concierge for help with their clothing and accessorizing needs. We are women who have escalating life priorities, personal and professional. Plus, everybody has different body attributes, preferences and budgets to work with. It can be tough to find time for wardrobe up-keep, and it does matter! At Gracyfy, we are all about mixing style and purpose. Scientific studies on “enclothed cognition” as well as our own day-to-day experiences have shown that right-for-us clothing can contribute to our confidence, raise our self-esteem, and help propel us in the workplace and relationships. Gracyfy’s fashion concierge stands for that purpose. Our concierge has started with fashion and aspires to scale-up to a full lifestyle offering.” explains Gracyfy’s Founder Yesh Kane Desai, a mother of two young kids.

The U.S. apparel market is the largest in the world, valued at approximately 359 billion U.S. dollars. Right from the get-go, the concierge business model provides unique benefits for customers and brands. The personal shopper at Gracyfy’s Concierge is not constrained by brands or in-house inventory, so they are able to scan virtually the whole internet to find deals across a variety of price points and brands. Brands have intrinsic benefits with this model, a.k.a. new customer acquisition, repeat sales and data insights. Also, Fashion Concierge’s focus on delivering customer-centric humanized experiences online opens up a new opportunity for stylists who are looking for extra income from tips and commission with flexible working hours. It also provides a good work continuity option for those displaced from the brick-mortar shrinkage.

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Key Differentiation

The concierge, currently focused on Fashion with a road-map to  full lifestyle assistance

  1. Addresses the challenge for women who find it overwhelming to hire their own stylist or extensively shop to support their lifestyle and meet their budget.

  2. Delivers the convenience of digital experiences with the conversational simplicity similar to what brick-n-mortar offers.

  3. Service is hassle free and transparent. No upfront deposits, buy what you like, no price markups on products over retail, the service is tips based.

  4. Recommendations are not constrained by brands or in-house inventory, virtually all online brands are accessible to satisfy variety of price points and brand preferences.

  5. Brands have intrinsic affiliate benefits with this model – new customer acquisition, repeat sales and data insights.

  6. Staying laser focused on delivering customer-centric humanized experiences will in-turn boost this marketplace employing more stylists.

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